Rick Wautier Photography

I live in Chilliwack, in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada.

I became interested in photography in my late teens with the purchase of my first SLR camera a Yashica TL-Electro. At that time, my interests revolved around taking record photos of friends, family and vacations.

In 2003, I purchased his first digital SLR camera and it was also around this time that I decided to join the Abbotsford Photo Arts Club (APAC). Joining APAC and being around my fellow photographers inspired me to explore the art of photography and all that the photographic medium has to offer. Throughout the years this exploration continues with my participation in various workshops and seminars.

Over the years my photographic interests have varied, but I developed a passion for Landscapes. I like the challenge of attempting to convey the natural beauty that surrounds us, my feelings within the moment, and my own unique interpretation of the scene into an artistic photographic image. I find this to be a very rewarding endeavour.

I am currently shooting with the Nikon Z7ii, D850 & D500 systems.

I hope that you enjoy viewing my galleries. If you have questions regarding my work, please contact me via e-mail at rwphotoimagery@gmail.com

Warmest Regards;

Rick Wautier

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